Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It is indefinite there are many different kind of blogs that caters to the different people such as photologs, Vlogs, Moblogs, splogs etc. . The main two that are often used today are Vlog and Photolog.

Vlog is in form of a video blog post (Gunelius.S, 2009). Usually a short video presentation to present the topic intended. In can be a short advertisement to inform the public on a pandemic or a current issue. For example, the recent pandemic, H1N1, there were many videos starring interviews and prevention measures to advice the public. A Vlog can easily set the viewers in various moods according to the way the video is presented. One of the most fast paced channels Vlogs are presented, are on YOUTUBE.

However, Photolog, is a blog that uses the elements of images to tell a story or convey a message. It may contain text but the main component in a photolog are images. An example of a photolog can be found in PHOTOSHACK.

The reason why there are a great variety of ways blogs are presented as it caters to the different target audience. Some may prefer watching videos as most consist of sound which stimulates the minds better rather than bore a person, some prefer reading as it is a way of improving language and some may prefer looking at photos as they appreciate the art of photography and visuals are undeniably more attractive.


Gunelius.S, 2009 "What is a Vlog?" Viewed on 18th November 2009,

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