Thursday, November 19, 2009

Designing differences

Every type of document, be it online or print, consist of the same components such as the fonts, the colours and images. But designing them with the objective to attract at the same time ease the eyes of the audience is indeed a difficult task.

What are the differences between designing a print document and an online document?
There are many challenges designing these two different layouts as it requires a different level of technique and different types of material. A print document is more structured where as designing online documents are harder as they have more fluidity and more dynamic therefore it is sensitive (Bear.JH, 2009)
Well on of the main issues,fonts that are easily read on print maybe hard to be read on screen or vice versa. It is important to use general fonts for online documents as it not only makes it easy for reading but it is also safe as not all fonts are found or installed for your viewer. However, the web server too may override the fonts. Often used fonts are like Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana and Tahoma.
Another would be the kind of soft wares used to design as it caters to the different needs. For example, colour on print uses CMYK and online designing uses RGB.
These are the different kind of challenges and differences we face.


Bear.JH, 2009 "Print Design versus Web Design". Viewed on 18th November 2009

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