Thursday, November 19, 2009


News and entertainment is indeed hard to live without. Having said that, could be the reasons why researchers and experiments and new technology are discovered everyday, every hour. Gadgets are getting more advanced and technology is running at a faster pace. This is in fact has made life very much easier for everyone, but at some points it has its downfalls.
Without a doubt the media has evolved tremendously over the few decades. From print to online is a huge transition. Back then people relied heavily on reading the mainstream media such as The Star, New Straits Times and many more. From reading it came to viewing television. Even the television had its transition from black and white to colour. Even the magazines were limited, as much news were censored.

Today, despite political corruptions and economic downfalls, nothing stays discrete anymore, as the Internet has no boundaries nor limitations. We have online newspapers which is now divided into two. The mainstream and the alternative media. In additional to that, we now have blogs in different forms such as videos and photos. It is insane how media has evolved so quickly in such a short period of time with the enhancement of technology by its side.

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