Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Media? Politics?

New media? what is that?
New media is a receiving and sending out news via technology. It can be online, or digital for example, blog, podcast, mobile phones and the Internet. This article discusses the way the new media has made a turn around for the Malaysian ruling coalition. in summary, it talks about how it has effected the elections, and the thoughts and views of the nation towards the government. It is true that the new age media is uncensored, but it that really true?

Looking back, Malaysia has always been controlled and kept blinded by internal issues as mainstream media is controlled by the government. For example, The Star is controlled by MCA. Mainstream media meaning, newspapers and local television channels. I believe that every country has it's own set of issues that result to corruption, but to what extent? It cannot be measured. Everything that happens internally is not allowed out into the open, but with new media today it is revealed but not completely.

Our alternative media can only voice opinions and publish news online as there is no censorship online, or a blogger can always remain anonymous. But then again, with the Internal Security Acts and their laws, Malaysia can never be transparent with their news. The new media has effected our country tremendously, it gives us a different opinion to look at things from a different perspective.

For example :
  • The recent Karthika case ( look at the difference on the way the mainstream media and the alternative media breaks it to the public)
  • The way the government took control of the recent pandemic, H1N1.
All these ways of how the media projects itself to the public attracts the many different target audience, contains the different context and has its own purposes. The layouts maybe the same but the content is a breath of fresh air when compared.


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