Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Living in the blogging era

Firstly, what is a blog? In brief, it is when personal thoughts and feelings are being published on a frequent basis (marketingterms, 2009). Well it is inevitable to say that today blogging has become a phenomenon. I cannot find a reason to say it shouldn't be because it does not cost cent, it is for everyone and anyone, it is accessible at anytime and anywhere with the presence of a computer and an Internet connection. Not forgetting we have the hi-tech mobile phones today which makes it more convenient and light to travel about.

Blogging can be a healthy way of being, but it also can be harmful to ourselves and the people around us. It is similar writing a journal or a diary except this is posted for public or a circular network. Posting updates on blogs can be a way of us communicating and interacting with others. The new happenings and updates can be easily conveyed, at the same time when wrong people get in contact with reading a blog, it can stir up much conflict and misunderstandings when misinterpreted. Apart from that, a blog can also be a way to advertise and recommend new things, like fashion and events or even an idol. Without a doubt, a blogs have a good way of keeping people connected.


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