Thursday, November 19, 2009

People and their kinds

Well, just like in real life, bloggers too often fall into their own categories or are stereotyped accordingly. Usually they fall under the same criteria based on mutual interest, company, and many more. It is human nature to like one another as they find similarities along the way. People who grouped form a community. One can be part of one community or more.

There are many ways of how communities are formed. The first rule of being a blogger or a reader is that, personalities and mentalities have to be open and outgoing. They have to be able to accept differences and endure reading sensitive issues or thoughts that object their personal thoughts. At the same time, a blogger must also be open enough to accept comments and be able to reply in a tactful way.

STEPS to build communities:

  • Able to write freely on a topic of any kind which will often receive feedback. ( a good way to start building bridges is by interacting)
  • Replying to other bloggers comment (communication does not happen one way)
  • Visitting and learning on another bloggers site is good exposure (can develope mutual interest)
  • Emailing greetings and posting links that interest you.
  • Being able to keep track of what you write interests people most.
  • Being open to participate in other blog activities.
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