Thursday, November 19, 2009

People and blogs

This article is about an interview with Antony Loewenstein on his book.
Antony Loewenstein the author of 'The Blogging Revolution', shares with us his discovery on this new age in a few other countries such as Iran, Cuba, Chine,Saudi Arabia, Syria and Egypt. The power and value of web blogging is so great and can really transform a community, or even a country.

In this book, Anthony breaks it down to readers about the ever evolving blogging world and its cause and effects. not forgetting it also brings information and news on a country's query in this new generation of the uncensored media. Many have come to say that web blogging has the ability to bring a country closer to democracy as the Internet has no boundaries and does not practice censorship.

His research on other countries will enable readers to compare and contrast the revolution of blogging in a very uptight and running country like China and even an Islamic country like Saudi Arabia. It is said that corruption in every country is bound to occur but how we deal with it and what we do to prevent it is important.

Blogging can be a way of revolutionizing a country economically at the same time it can be hazardous politically. In countries like China, Egypt and Iran, it is believed to support the power of blogging as it is good for the economical growth for in Cuba, blogging comes off as a threat the the ruling government as freedom of speech is not very much practiced there.
In my opinion, web blogging is a very good way to practice freedom of speech, it may seem hard to live with now especially in the eyes of government rulers but eventually I believe that everybody will get use to listening and reading things they like and things they disagree with. For example in Malaysia, it is good as we have alternative media to read and not be kept oblivious to the current issues around us. When we have options to choose from we tend to weigh good and bad easier and what we choose to believe.

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