Thursday, November 19, 2009

FACEBOOK and how users like it

This article taken talks about the challenges the web creator of Facebook faces. Apparently the changes of layouts and tabs created on Facebook leaves users angry and unhappy.

Firstly, for those who are not sure of what facebook is about, it is a social network that keeps people connected from all sorts of backgrounds and places. Facebook is a to keep people in contact at no cost.

The changes made on a facebook layout, is in objective to make it easier and more fun for users to utilize. However, we always say, "One man's meat, another man's poison". Many disagree that Facebook changes are necessary but sometimes change is good. Many have also agreed that change is good but bad changes are not called for.

There are many reasons why there are a lot of disagreements with the facebook uplifts yearly. To designers it is a way of progressing. But for users, it is hard to get use to again. We must understand that Facebook caters to the many different generations. Old people tend to complain as most of them do not appreciate the change very much as it can get more complex and confusing especially for those who are not IT literate.

Facebook has transformed into a very fun place to be online. With the ability to play games, publish video links and post notes and update status as often as possible. Liking and disliking, and commenting on other peoples posts is a way of interaction. Not forgetting Facebook has also been designed for our mobile phones such as the Iphone and the blackberry. This makes it more convenient to travel around and still stay connected within the network.

Facebook designers, may think is for a great purpose, but some may disagree. In my opinion we cannot blame designers as this website caters to a large population. it is hard to satisfy the wants and needs of everybody that utilizes the web. At the same time, if there is no upgrading to the face of facebook, boredom takes place. In this case, users have to just bear with the changes as the only objective designers live to is to make things easier and better for users, and this can only be done through trial and error.






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